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  • Home Furniture
  • Homedecor & Hometextile
  • Outdoor & Leisure
  • Office Show
  • CIFM/interzum guangzhou
  • Company Name
    address 深圳市龍華區景龍建設路長江中心大廈40層
    Booth Number : S2.1B01
  • Company Name
    Shenzhen Phoenix Home ornaments Co.,Ltd
    Booth Number : 16.3B11
    FH&HOME is a Brand of developing ,selling exquisit......
  • Company Name
    address 中山市西區沙朗沙港公路邊第三層
    Booth Number : S1.1C01
    和硯HO YAN , 廣東中泰龍集團旗下時尚中式純原木品牌 和天下·硯于心。以“中式基因”為基礎......
  • Company Name
    address 廣州市番禺區大石鎮會江村石北工業區冠美工業園
    Booth Number : S2.1C01
    With the wisdom and courage of the pilot, continu......
  • Company Name
    address 廣東省佛山市順德區龍江鎮坦西大壩工業園
    Booth Number :
    Hongji Premium Quality Deserves Your Trust Qualit......
  • Company Name
    Guangzhou Leadcom Seating Co. Ltd.
    address 廣東省廣州市天河區龍怡路117號銀匯大廈14樓
    Booth Number : S1.1C11
    Leadcom Seating is a global public seating special......
  • Company Name
    Zhongshan Huasheng Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd
    address 中國廣東省中山市東升鎮同茂工業區
    Booth Number : S3.1B01
    Founded in March 2004, Zhongshan Huasheng Furnitur......
  • Company Name
    Maratti Furniture Co.,Ltd. Shanghai
    address 上海市普陀區長壽路652號3A
    Booth Number :
    Maratti is a company leader in the fashion office ......
  • Company Name
    address 佛山市南海區獅山鎮陳洞工業區
    Booth Number :
    FOSHAN OMAN FURNITURE CO.,LTD was found in 2003, i......
  • Company Name
    XinDa CLOVER Industry Limited Company NanHai FoShan City
    address 廣東省佛山市南海區獅山興業北路三號
    Booth Number :
    XINDA CLOVER was founded in 1990. The factory firm......
  • Company Name
    Zhejiang Sunon Furniture Manufacturing co. ltd.
    address 杭州市錢江新城市民街200號圣奧中央大廈
    Booth Number : S4.1B01
    Sunon Group Co., Ltd. (Sunon for short), establish......
  • Company Name
    address 廣州市從化區經濟開發區高技術產業園福從路19號
    Booth Number : S4.1C01
    Founded in 1990 in Guangzhou, China, Victory has a......

Theme Events Theme Events

  • a father is holding hands with his children
    Children's Space by Daddy Designers
  • members of CIFF designer's Workshop
    CIFF Designer's Workshop
  • poster of bay area urban design exhibition
    Urban Deign Exhibition of Greater Bay Area
  • activity poster of 2030+International Future Office
    2030+International Future Office

Major Sections Major Sections

  • Home Furniture
  • Homedecor & Hometextile design in purple
    Homedecor & Hometextile
  • Outdoor and leisure furniture design in green
    Outdoor & Leisure
  • office furniture design in blue
    Office Show
  • furniture furnishing equipment in blue
    CIFM/interzum guangzhou

About About

Preferred Choice for Product Launch and Trade
Founded in 1998, China International Furniture Fair (Guangzhou/Shanghai) (“CIFF”) has been successfully held for 45 sessions. Starting from September 2015, it takes place annually in Pazhou, Guangzhou in March and in Hongqiao, Shanghai in September, radiating into the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta, the two most dynamic commercial centers in China.
CIFF covers the entire industry chain including home furniture, homedecor & hometextile, outdoor & leisure, office furniture, commercial furniture, hotel furniture and furniture machinery & raw materials. The spring and autumn sessions host over 6000 brands from China and abroad, gathering over 340,000 professional visitors in total. CIFF creates the world’s most preferred one-stop trading platform for product launch, domestic sales and export trade in the home furnishing industry.

Why Visit

  • ·Showcases the entire industry chain
  • ·4300 brand exhibitors
  • ·Excellent events and activites, offering a feast of fashion and trend
  • ·Enhanced onsite environment, bringing favorable atmostphere and participating experience

Why Exhibit

  • ·Preferred choice for product launch and trade
  • ·Gathers professional visitors all over the world
  • ·Represents a brand new lifestyle and sets the industry trend
  • ·Helps companies explore Chinese and overseas markets

Press Release Press Release

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